Effective Breast Massages to Increase Milk Production [Videos & Infographic]

breast massage to increase milk production

Researching on the best types of breast massage to increase milk production? Parent Portal shares some proven methods. 

There are so many benefits of breastfeeding and we are fully aware of it, but sometimes our milk production is beyond our control. We, therefore, as mothers, have to turn to breast massages to increase milk production for our little ones.

After all, nothing can be more satisfying about early motherhood than when you nurse your baby. Having that skin to skin contact while you breastfeed your baby is a critical part of mother-baby bonding.

Breast Massages to Increase Milk Production

Lactation consultants have time and again advised that breast massages increase milk production as it clears the milk ducts, allowing the breast milk to flow better and resulting in the increase of milk production.

To add, according to Healthline,

The combination of suckling and massage works to both empty the milk ducts and encourage the production of more milk.

Massage may also help prevent and treat issues like engorgement, plugged milk ducts, or mastitis, an infection of the breast tissue.

On a side note, there are so many other benefits of breast massages other than increasing milk production. They also aid in long-term breast health.

Usually, breasts do not get exercise or stimulation, and as a result, breast problems occur due to a fluid buildup. Breast massages also:

  1. Help improve shape and form of the breasts
  2. Are used to detect early signs of breast cancer
  3. Relief sore muscles
  4. Stimulate lymphatic system to flush out toxins from you body

How to Massage Breasts for Breastfeeding

While we all have different methods of breast massage to increase milk production, the method that we’re about to reveal to you has been proven to be the best for most lactating women.

While breast massages are safe and free-of-charge, it is important to remember that this is a daily exercise and not just a one-off affair.

Some other tips:

  • Focus on one breast at a time

Step 1

Start by giving yourself a lymphatic massage from under your armpits to circulate blood. Use a lubricant such as coconut, olive or baby oil if need be.

While there is no wrong way to massage your breast, you can cup your fingers of each hand on the top and bottom of your breast. Do this one at a time. Massage it in a circula  motion.

Step 2

Squeeze gently and do not apply too much pressure as it could damage your glandular tissue. The most important thing is that it shouldn’t be a painful process.

As the temperature around your breasts heats up, the blood circulation increases as well.

Now, in the sam motion, move on to the sides of your breasts. Later on, make fists and gently knead your breast.

Step 3

Using a patting motion, pat all over your breasts. This action is similar to patting off remaining lotion on your skin so that it can get fully absorbed.

Alternative Breast Massage to Increase Milk Production

Breastfeedo.com also suggests a similar method to stimulate breasts blood flow and therefore milk production. In this diagram:

breast message to increase milk production
Photo: Breastfeedo.com

Apply breast the illustrated breast massage above before breastfeeding for increasing your milk production. The recommended exercise aims to squeeze your breasts to evacuate the stored milk and relief engorged breasts.

The steps for this breast massage include:

  1. In a circular motion, massage breasts until heat is released
  2. Massage nipples both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions
  3. Pat and caress breasts

This exercise can be done in the shower and your shower gel could act as a lubricant as well.

If you need a visual aid for techniques in breast massage to increase milk production, here a video by an experienced mom, uploaded by Brandon French:


While breast massages while breastfeeding

While the techniques we speak about so far have been about the types of breast massages to increase your milk production when your baby isn’t around, this video by Audiovisor explains how to massage your breast while you’re nursing your baby:


Do you have an effective way to massage your breasts to increase milk production?

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