7 Things Dads Should Know About New Moms

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Dads, listen up!

Here are the 7 things you should know about your partner after delivery, and how you can be there for her. It’s just as important that you pay her enough attention as you do to your new bundle of joy.

1. Don’t Forget to Tell Her She’s Beautiful (and Mean It!)

She’s put on some weight for pregnancy, and her belly was stretched to its limit and she’s probably upset about the stretch marks.  Tell her she’s as beautiful as the child she’s created with you. And assure her that her body will go back to how it was, in time.

2. She’s As Terrified As You Are

She’s as new to parenting as you are, and there’s no point in asking her what to do with a crying baby or what she thinks your baby needs. Everyone will have an opinion for her on how she should be handling things, and the last person she needs is you not being on her side. Remember, she’s your life partner and your teammate! Always be on her side, no matter what. Cheer her on and tell her what a good job she’s doing!

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3. She’s Upset, but She Can’t Get Angry With The Baby

But alas, she can get angry with you. The baby is innocent and she knows it, even though your little one is the cause of all her anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and possibly depression. Resist the urge to engage in an argument with her. This is a test of your patience and trust us, it’ll get better with time. Throw aside ego and be the gentleman that she needs.

4. She’s Not Up For Sex, So Keep It Down

Not for the first 4-6 weeks at least! Her hormones are on overdrive, and if she’s breastfeeding, she’s unlikely going to want to have her sore breasts fondled. If she had a natural birth, it’ll also take awhile for her postpartum bleeding to stop and heal. Not to mention the stitches from the episiotomy if she had one. Take a break, say hello to your old friend. This doesnt mean you shouldn’t show affection though! When it’s time, she’ll respond to you so hang in there and don’t be blue.

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5. Show Some Appreciation

It’s not an easy task looking after a baby, especially if you’re out at work and she was with your little one the entire day going through an endless routine of feeding-burping-changing-putting to bed. A little gesture of appreciation goes a long way – “I have no idea how I would do this without you”.

6. Ask If She’s Ok

She needs you to ask if she’s ok, if she needs anything, that you care about her as much as you care about Jr. Its important to greet her first before you greet your baby when you’re back from work. Remember, you knew her first and married her. Don’t forget to ask her if she needs anything, even if you know she doesnt. Just show that you care. Need help with the bottle? The diaper change?A shoulder massage?

7. She Loves You, Father of Her Child

Even though she may show impatience with you or scream and yell, know that she still loves you. After all, you knocked her up didn’t you? Sleep deprivation does crazy things to your mind and state of mind, so learn to look beyond the short temperedness and look on the bright side. Don’t forget to plan date nights and get someone to look after your baby for you just so you can have some alone time. Who knows, this might lead to point 4.

This article was written by a man, just in case you feel like its biased to help women get through the postpartum period better!


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