Pros & Cons: Full-Day vs Half-Day Daycare Centres in Singapore


Thinking of getting your child in a daycare centre in Singapore? This article was written by a contributor.

As you select the best day care centre in Singapore for your child, think about whether a 6-Hour or 3-Hour day care centre programme suits your kid’s, spouse’s and even your needs.

To aid in your decision, consider all the aspects 3-Hour or 6-Hour day care centre in Singapore.

6-Hour vs 3-Hour Day Care in Singapore

Your Work and Office

3-Hour daycare centre programmes usually end at 12 pm.

For parents who don’t work, this may be ideal as it allows you to have free time at the beginning of the day when your child is taken care of.

Some parents who don’t work can enjoy the time where their kids are occupied during daycare.

Parents who work from home will enjoy the allowance that 3-Hour daycare centresprovide too.

Give the first few hours of the day to do your work, so that you can take care of your child when he or she comes home from the daycare centre.

However, during crunch time when work gets overwhelming, it might get tough to finish all your work within those first few hours

For families where both parents are working the entire day, 3-hour daycare centres in Singapore might not be ideal unless there is an alternative arrangement.

Your kid’s preferences

Some kids take more time to adjust than others, especially for babies at infant care in Singapore. Some kids are good with routine. Other kids prefer to be left to their own devices.

Mid-day naps are crucial too.

Kids going to 3-hour day care centres in Singapore don’t take naps during daycare, which is perfect if you want your kid to sleep at home in the afternoon.

On the contrary, there are kids who sleep well at school because of the other kids who are sleeping as well.

3-Hour curriculum and fees

3-Hour daycare centres in Singapore have different curriculum than the 6-Hours one.

Certain day care centre in Singapore have extra lessons like outdoor playtime and literacy class.

Depending on your parenting style, it depends on what you prefer.

If you want your kid to learn during 3-hour day care, then maybe 6-hour day care might be better. Check out some infant care fees in Singapore for a better comparison.


6-Hour Day Care in Singapore

Your Work and Office

Whether you are a parent who doesn’t work, a parent who works from home or a working parent, if your commitments (household chores included) are overwhelming, a 6-Hour day care centre could be optimal.

If you find a 6-Hour daycare near your workplace, then you’re all set.

Your kid’s preferences

Preferences vary from kid to kid.

Your kid may like going to the 6-Hour daycare because they can make friends and play.

By contrast, if they fall in bad company, they might get negatively influenced. This depends on the reputation of the daycare centre in Singapore.

6-Hour curriculum and fees

6-Hour daycare programmes give better exposure for your kid to experience a fuller curriculum.

You may realise that fees for a 6-Hour day care centre in Singapore is more value-for-money than a 3-Hour programme. Yet for others, 3-Hour day care centre is ideal in terms of budget.

Selecting between 3-Hour or 6-Hour daycare centres in Singapore all boils down to what makes sense to you.




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