Endeavoring To Be Your #1 Parent Portal

As our name suggests, ParentingPortal.org is a parent portal created by parents for parents! Our intent is to create a survival guide for parents of all parenting styles, philosophies, age, color, etc.

ParentingPortal.org endeavors to be the go-to parent portal that you can rely on and bring you the best parenting advice, information, and reviews of baby products. Why? Because we’ve “been there and done that”, and I’m sure you’d believe us when we say… It’s a jungle out there!

What Inspired This Parent Portal

Moms and dads, have you ever wanted to enrol your child into an enrichment class or tuiton centre, only to be met with so many options that you wanted to pull an “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”?

But of course, you wouldn’t do that! Your child deserves the best. Not to mention, these expensive classes had better be your hard earned money’s worth.

So you’d scour the internet for blog, Yelp or Google reviews, sieving through incoherent reviews. Or you’d make a shout out on Facebook groups only to get one or two responses. It just takes up to much time and effort!

In this day and age, both parents are working full time. Even if that wasn’t so, taking care of our kids is in itself a full-time commitment that in fact, requires 24 hours of our time!

And while we would love to just love to pick whatever everyone else is going with, we want to know that we’re giving our children.

If only there were a parent portal with writers who get down and dirty to:

  • Consolidate all the information
  • Present real-life, authentic reviews of products/ services/ schools/ etc
  • Share with us stories or advice to help us along in this roller coaster ride that is parenting

Enter ParentingPortal.org.

Parenthood remains the greatest single preserve of the amateur.”
– Alvin Toffler, Futurologist